Tents You Can Stand Up In: A Top 3 Review

Camping trips are the perfect getaway from mundane urban life. Most of us love camping with our close ones. However, finding the right tent for camping is something you must pay heed to.

Small tents with negligible headroom can dampen your camping experience. Thus, it is important to find yourself a larger tent that facilitates easy movement. An ideal measure of space is to gauge whether you can stand up in a tent or not.

Stand-up tents are ideal for people looking for space inside their camping shelter. Their importance amplifies during summer camping trips, where your body desires space to breathe and relax, owing to the hot and humid weather. 

If you are having a hard time finding the perfect stand-up tent, we have got you covered. Let us dig into a list of spacious tents you can stand up in.

1. E-Z UP Camping Cube 

If you are looking for some extra inches of headroom, this stand-up tent is an ideal option. It is an easy-to-set-up stand-up tent that has the capacity of accommodating up to 5 people. You would not require any special skills or professional help to set up this tent.

You can easily transform this 10 foot by 10 foot E-Z Up shelter into a camping tent with a height of 6/4 inches and comfortable floor space. It is specially designed with high-quality hooks that connect the metal frame of the tent and heavy-duty loops.

The sterling highlight of the tent is large windows and oversized doors for proper ventilation, which makes it an ideal choice. This tent also features an electric access port for recharging your phones or batteries.

This tent uses heavy-duty zippers for the windows and doors to offer more stability in case of strong winds and heavy rain. It is one of the instant tents specially made for people who want an effortless setup. The tent features angled windows for a great view.


  • The attachment rings and lantern hooks allow attaching ropes and lanterns.
  • You will get multiple storage pockets on the inner side of the cube for quite good storage space.
  • With easy setup and disassembling, it is an accessible tent you can stand up in.
  • The bottom of the tent is water-resistant, owing to strong floor seams.
  • The tent also features a water-resistant rainfly, that you can easily remove on better days.
  • It is a suitable tent for small families.


  • As per many customers, this tent does not fit 10*10 E-Z UP
  • It has quite a small standing headroom as compared to its contemporaries.



2. CORE 12 Cabin Tent 

It is an extra-large family tent with 16* 11-floor space and an internal height of 86”. It has ample headroom which makes it comfortable for all members (even tall people) to move around easily.

This tent is well equipped with an advanced venting system for excellent ventilation with an adjustable ground vent and a mesh ceiling.

With 2 side entrances, it offers easy access. You can take advantage of an electric cable port for charging your phones, tablets, and more. This cabin-style tent features a detachable room divider that separates the area into two rooms. It is well equipped with a full-coverage rainfly that covers the entire tent.


  • It is ideal for larger families. Up to 12 people can sleep in the tent as it has a space of 16 x 11.
  • The 86 inches of height provides plenty of space, making it easy to stand up and move around in the tent.
  • It is an H2O-resistant tent, with extra bead technology and waterproof fabric for easy and quick water runoff.
  • The front and back, two separate entrances design makes it easy for sharing the tent with other people.
  • This tent comes with a removable room divider. Thus, you can convert an ordinary tent to a two-room tent.
  • The H2O-resistant rainfly design provides all-weather protection.
  • Made up of sturdy and durable materials.


  • You might have to spend some time in the tent setup.
  • There are other options available at competitive prices.



3. Core 11 Person Family Cabin Tent 

Feel at home with this large floor tent. It features a screen room that you can use as a sleeping area, or simply to have some extra space in the tent.

Up to 11 adults can comfortably sleep in the tent with their sleeping bags. Alternatively, you can place three queen airbeds in this tent. Another key feature that makes the tent ideal is its 86 inch ceiling height, which provides good headroom and allows members to move around, stand, and stretch inside the tent easily. It is a perfect family camping tent.

While searching for 10-person tents, Core 11 is an ideal option.


  • For optimal ventilation design, it comes with an advanced venting system and adjustable vents and mesh panels.
  • This tent is water-resistant with proper seals on the door and windows.
  • It features a front screen room with a closed window and full tent coverage. 
  • The tent fits three queen air mattresses.
  • This excellent tent is made of durable fabric and comes at an affordable price.
  • Quality materials are used in making this tent ideal for a family camping trip.


  • The color of the tent might fade away when kept for an extended period of time under the sun.



Buying Guide 

All the three ten-person tents listed above are great options for your next camping vacation. However, along with the luxury of options comes the hassle of choosing the one ideal tent for your purpose.

Here is a buying guide that will help you to select the best tent as per your requirement – number of people, peak height, waterproof floor, mesh roof vents, removable divider, plenty of storage, and the like.

The best for a large family

Make sure you buy a tent that has great floor space and center height for ease and camping comfort. A spacious tent will allow you to place your mattresses easily and feel at home.

If you are looking for a spacious family tent for up to 12 members, nothing would beat the Core 12 cabin tent. This can accommodate your entire family and offer a surreal outdoor experience.

Easy setup

An instant setup tent so that you do not want to waste hours assembling the tent. Thus, one must ensure to invest in a standup tent that is easy to assemble (and disassemble) and the installation is not a two-person job. The E-Z UP camping cube is a perfect match in this regard and is one of the best easy-to-set-up tents in the market.

The best for ventilation 

You must buy a tent studded with advanced venting technology to keep you cool during warmer nights. For proper ventilation, the right tent will have adjustable vents and a mesh ceiling. Also, proper ventilation helps you keep dry during wet weather. The Core 12 Cabin tent ticks all the boxes when it comes to proper ventilation.


The type of tent you carry on your camping trip plays an important role. An affordable tent with plenty of space coupled with outstanding features is what most campers desire. However, a high-quality tent with ample internal space is not easy to find. With the buyers’ guide and a list of three roomy tents you can stand up in, we hope you’ll finally be able to arrive at a decision and select the best one that suits your requirements.

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