How To Make Tent Camping Comfortable

We often feed our bodies with fancy food, high-end clothing, the most expensive residential areas, and other soul-eating materialistic gadgets. But has it ever occurred to you that you need to feed your soul too? Don’t you think it requires love, peace, and maybe a break as well? And if your answer is yes, then your answer might well be tent camping! In today’s hustle and bustle world, there is no better solution to getting back to nature than tent camping. And if you’re worried about leaving all your comforts at home, I have some great tips to get you off and running to be prepared for some great comfortable camping. The following camping comforts (I will go into greater detail on each comfort in this article) are all things that I had to learn throughout the years that my family and I went on our camping adventures!

  • Bring Your Own Pillow
  • Have an Eye Mask and Eye Drops
  • Waterproof Your Tent
  • Attach Camping Gear to Your Tent
  • Bring Extra Clothes
  • Keep Flashlight Nearby
  • Have an Air Mattress for Comfort
  • Carry Basic Eating Essentials
  • Never Overeat
  • Keep Shoe Basket Nearby
  • Use Wax to Preserve Tent Zippers
  • Carry Hygiene Equipment
  • Learn the Art of Lighting a Bonfire
  • Bring the First Aid Box

Chances are that you might have thought of a camping trip but the mundane routine of life has you gripped. We advise you to not let the glistening external gains consume your inner world over and over again.

What escape to life would be better than tent camping? Imagine a place where you can connect your inner being to nature, befriend it, and let your soul rest. People these days have devoted themselves so deeply to their professional life that trips into nature have become non-existent and the modern generation have forgotten to embrace its beauty and smell its fragrance! 

There’s no better way to feed your soul than to let it roam freely in nature – far away from gadgets, technology, and desktop politics. Hold the thought of yourself being wrapped in the arms of those soothing views, plants, flowers, flashlights, dawn & dusks, limited crowds, you and your loved ones encapsulated in a tent, having late-night bonfires, playing games, and a lot more! 

Before you step out with your camping gear in all readiness, we advise you to take proper precautions. No matter how liberating a trip amidst the mountains sounds, the journey could leave you feeling exhausted and burnt if you choose to do it the wrong way. To help you find the answer to making tent camping more comfortable and we have added a big list of tips that will make your tent camping experience soothing and memorable. Stay connected to dig into this mystery!

Before we get on with the main concern of this article, let us understand why camping trips are important.

Why Camping?

In today’s age, there is no dearth of opportunities when it comes to entertainment. Bars, restaurants, clubs, etc. are easily accessible, especially for urban residents. Why then, should you opt for camping?

Very few of us are aware that tent camping brings with it a lot of health benefits. It increases your lifespan and makes you healthier than ever. It’s synonymous with a really long, peaceful sleep where you dream about being yourself, loving yourself, and connecting to your true self. 

I hope your brain has begun bombarding you with reasons to choose tent camping and outing over momentary city vibes but fasten your seatbelts as we’re going to throw some more reasons your way.

Great Stress Buster

Did you know that camping is directly proportional to your mental and physical health? The more often you go on tent camping, the more your physical and mental health will elevate. You might have heard the phrase – ‘Stress is the result of not camping.’ Well, it might be a gimmick but it’s worth noticing! 

Experience Sunsets and Sunrises 

Surely, you must have dreamt about seeing the sunrise and sunset from close proximity. Well, camping is one such way through which you can realize this dream. As per health statistics, witnessing sunsets and sunrises have a positive effect on our health. 

We also bring to you the science behind this! These scenic sights release stress-releasing hormones which lead to a happier and more peaceful mood. Do you still want to opt against camping? I, for one, never would!

Morning Meditation 

Meditation is one of the better ways to kickstart your day. The power of sitting still and deep breathing has come to the fore in the past few years. A Forbes article claims that camping is high in demand in terms of the best outdoor sport among the Gen Z’ers and millennials. According to this report, Millennials alone contribute to about 40% of tent camping. 

The secret behind this is everyone, at some level, craves for peace and silence that comes with a camping space. Meditation in the open with fresh air and picturesque landscapes all around is a sight to behold. People love the way it helps them connect with nature. Meditation also helps to manifest your desires more conveniently, and that too, in a short span. 

Socializing with your favorite people 

The fast-paced nature of our modern lives has left us devoid of social interactions – family dinners, friends’ hangouts, and whatnot. Folks in metropolitan cities are almost always seen either on their laptops, cell phones, or office work. There is hardly a work-life balance left in our generation.

Taking a break from such a hectic schedule will not only help you induct harmony into your life but will also make sure that you can spend some quality time with your loved ones! Choose family tent camping for the weekend and watch how your mood changes, how much you get to know about each other, and how you end up feeling connected and optimistic! 

Fresh Air 

For all the wannabe “big shots” out there, dreaming about residing in an urban or a tier 1 city is fine until it backfires on your health. As per a statement by Tony O’Rourke of the KOA (Kampgrounds of America), most people go for tent camping to spend some quality time with nature and take benefit of fresh air. One of the most common deterrents to a healthy life in big cities is pollution which eventually results in diseases such as asthma, heart problems, and the like. 

Gift yourself a beautiful vacation via tent camping and imbibe some fresh air that nature has in abundance (at least for now!).  It will act as a small escape from your “reality” and will put things in perspective for you, recharge your batteries, and make you ready to take on the world for months to come.

Automatic Exercise 

Needless to say, camping requires a lot of physical activity. So if you are a fitness freak, rest assured, tent camping will not disturb your fitness regime. On the flip side, if you aren’t into fitness, then camping is the best way to introduce exercising and physical activity into your life. 

Busy or nerdy folks might perceive tent camping as a waste of their time and money but after learning the above intangible benefits of this activity, you’ll likely get a hang of it if you just try it once!

Tips to make tent camping comfortable 

Having discussed the plethora of benefits that tent camping provides, it is imperative that you have the proper know-how of how to to go about it so that your trip is a comfortable one. Save your excitement and skim through the following pointers before you step out for a holiday.

Tip 1: Bring your pillow from your own bed.

This might seem like a simple thing to most. But you might be surprised to learn that most people that have a hard time getting a restful night’s sleep is because they don’t have the comforts of home. And one of those comforts just happens to be that fluffy white thing that you lay your head on at night. 

I can promise you that once my family and I figured this out, it lead to many peaceful and restful nights out in the great outdoors! And don’t underestimate that scent. Just having that familiar scent will just add value to a good night’s sleep. 

Tip 2: Save your eyes with an eye mask and eye drops

The eyes are the most elegant and sensitive part of our body. It must be taken special care of when you go outside for camping or any other purpose. People who are allergic to sun rays or those who are prone to eye discomforts must carry an eye mask along with them. Additionally, you should carry a pair of sunglasses – wear them while you’re out in the sun.

These small precautions will provide you with sound sleep and you’ll wake up feeling refreshed in the morning. You can beat unwanted irritation with the use of eye drops and eye masks. Such safety equipment becomes all the more important for people who wear spectacles. Surely, you wouldn’t want an eye problem, especially when all that you desire is to capture the beauty of nature in your natural lenses.

Tip 3: Make your Tent Waterproof 

Weather is predictable to a large extent but the uncertainty always remains. However, you wouldn’t want adverse camping conditions to play spoilsport in your merrymaking. One way of ensuring this is to make your tent completely waterproof (from both the inside and the outside). A dry tent makes for a comfortable experience.

Luckily, you do not need to spend much time waterproofing your tent from stormy weather conditions. The obvious thing that you can do is buy a waterproof tent. However, if you do not have a waterproof tent, all you need to do is buy a Silicone Sealant Can and spray it all over your tent, starting from the top and all the way to the bottom. It truly works like magic when it comes to safeguarding your tent camp from water. 

Tip 4: Attach Camping Gear to your tent 

Imagine that you’re sitting comfortably in the tent only to realize that you’re unable to find items in your camping gear, or worse yet, you’re unable to find your camping gear. To avoid this situation of panic and frustration, you should hang (or attach in some other way) your camping gear to the top of the tent camp. 

There are some pieces of gear that you’ll require more often, so keep them closer than most. It will save you from frustration and your tent will be both organized and decluttered. You will have access to all the required things and you can pluck them out within no time at all. This will negate the need to go digging inside the bags that have items stuffed in them.

Tip 5: Carry Some Extra Clothes 

Always remember to carry some extra pairs of clothes along with you. Camping might leave your clothes muddy and sweaty and you would not want to spend the rest of your trip in dirty clothes. With limited bathing options when on a camping trip, you should carry some extra pair of clothes along with self-cleansing camping essentials such as wipes, paper towels, toilet papers, and sanitizers. Carrying some extra blankets and warm clothes might also be a good idea in case of cold weather camping.

An extra set of wearables will make sure that you remain neat and clean all through the day and night. Also, keeping in mind the unpredictable weather, it is always a good idea to carry an extra T-shirt or two – just in case you encounter rain on the way.

Tip 6: Keep Flashlight Nearby 

For people who feel a little discomfort with darkness, spending a night in a tent with lights out might be a nerve-wracking thought. A flashlight in such a situation is a lifesaver. It becomes even more important, should you choose to stray in the wilderness of the camping location at night. Keep flashlights, candles, or similar lighting gadgets nearby. 

Tip 7: Make the Tent More Comfortable With An Air Mattress

It might be difficult for some people to leave the comfort of their sofas and sit on the stone-hard tent floor. Soften your floor using an air mattress.  This will make you feel more like you are sitting or laying down on your bed at home –also helps you to minimize back pain and wake up well-rested to enjoy the day ahead. Moreover, the unwanted dirt and mud that accumulates on the tent surface will have little effect on the quality of your rest.

Make sure to move all rocks before placing your air mattress to prevent holes in the mattress. You will also want to bring camping quilts, camping blankets, and sleeping bags for cold nights.

Tip 8: Carry basic eating essentials 

Although camping food has its own satisfaction and unique taste, keeping some extra food is never a bad idea. You can carry some protein-rich foods that have a long shelf life. Not only will it meet your energy requirements but also satisfy your ‘on-the-road’ hunger. 

Coffee has a prominent place in the morning routine of most folks. If you are a coffee addict, do not forget to stock some of it for your camping trip. Enrich yourself with the freshness of coffee and enjoy the mesmerizing beauty of nature, all at the same time. Additionally, you can keep mouth fresheners with you to smell good 24/7.

Tip 9: Never overeat 

This might sound silly at first, but this is an important precaution that you must take while camping. Indeed, it is difficult to walk away from camp barbeque food. In fact, cooking food at a camp is a surreal experience in itself. However, you must not overeat. Keeping in mind the limited lavatory options and extensive physical activity, it is always a good idea to eat less than your usual portion. This would ensure that you aren’t slow, sleepy, or lazy on your trip.

Tip 10: Keep a Shoe Basket Nearby 

There are multiple shoes that you might consider carrying on your trip – hiking shoes, normal sports shoes, etc. The omnipresent dirt and insects pose a significant threat to the longevity of your shoes. Moreover, there isn’t much room inside a tent camp, so bringing those dirty shoes inside the tent can be chaotic, to say the least. It is better to keep a shoe rack at the entrance of the tent and bathe it in bug spray. It will help you maintain the sanctity of both your tent and your shoes and help you keep bad odors at bay.

Tip 11: Use Wax to preserve Tent Zippers 

More often than not, camping tents are folded and zipped when stored. This can result in sticking and subsequent zip problems. Wax is extremely helpful when it comes to preserving your tent zippers. Use candle wax to help tent zippers from sticking. Regardless of the type and the size of zippers, wax should have them covered from damage.

Tip 12: Carry hygiene equipment 

Hygiene becomes a pivotal factor when you seek a comfortable tent camping experience. One might have to take extra precautions when it comes to outdoor camping. Remember to keep your toilet papers covered in a waterproof box – you wouldn’t want them to get soggy in case of rain. 

Carry your toothbrush, toothpaste, and hand napkins as well. You can also carry paper soaps, hand sanitizer, facewash, and sunscreen for better skin management.

Tip 13: Learn the art of lighting a bonfire 

What’s tent camping without a bonfire? The camping nightlife, filled with music and serenity is bound to send chills down your spine. As a bonus, you could learn how to collect woods, where to collect them from, and how to burn them to light a beautiful bonfire. You should be able to recognize which twigs to pick for a spirited fire. This will add to the intimacy of these memorable moments and will truly help you make the most of your camping trip.

Tip 14: Carry the First Aid Box 

A first aid box is a must, no matter where you go, especially camping. Besides the possibility of insect or mosquito bites, you can also encounter sprains or minor injuries on the way (especially if you are not accustomed to physical exercise). Always remember to store essentials like band-aids, cotton, scissors, over-the-counter common medicines, etc. in the first aid box. 

Tip 15: Hot Water Bag 

Hot water bottles provide enormous benefits while tent camping. It’s the best way to keep you warm inside the tent camp. If you are camping under the stars on a chilly night, these hot water bags will ensure you won’t be chilled all night. They are also helpful in case you experience unwarranted swelling on account of increased physical activity. Hot water bags can also come in handy if campers face menstruation or other aches and pains.

Tip 16: Pick a large-sized tent 

Make sure you choose a tent that is big enough to accommodate at least five people, even if you are only two. Once you are in the field, you will soon realize the role big tents play in tent camping. A large tent makes everything handy. You do not have to worry about accommodating your stuff inside the tent as large tents have amplified storage space.

Facts About Camping 

  • Camping originally became popular in western countries such as Germany, France, and Italy. German people, in particular, are die-hard fans of camping. It’s one of their best ways to spend weekends. 
  • As per stats, ‘Clayoquot Wilderness Resort’ situated on the Vancouver Island of Canada is the costliest camping spot with a one-night stay amounting to approximately $3900.
  • Evidence of tent camping has been found in the Bible. In Genesis 4:20, Jabal’s character has been illustrated and he is mentioned as being the first person to live in tents. 
  • A flashlight is widely popular camping gear. Tons of flashlights are purchased every year on this account.
  • The defense department of the United States is the largest consumer of tents in the world. 
  • Tent camping nowadays is considered an escape from reality to embrace some joyful time with nature! However, in primitive times (in the late 40,000 BC), it was the only available option for survival.
  • Tents have a different and crucial meaning all over the world apart from being known for camping purposes. Tents have been utilized as home space during protesting and depict the restoration of philosophy and mobility.
  • On average, tent campers go camping for an average of 2.5 nights while RV campers go camping for an average of 3.7 nights.
  • A total of approximately 1 million families residing in the United States start tent camping every year. 
  • The campground atmosphere (with a 24% contribution) was the top criterion when it came to deciding on the campsite or campground area. This was succeeded by the location of the campground – with a 22% contribution. Surprisingly, the campground quality mattered only 18% to the folks in 2018. 
  • According to Forbes, around 19% of people choose RVs for camping, 25% of people choose cabins, and 53% opt for tent camping.

Final Words 

We have all heard how fun spontaneous trips can be. But, one must not undermine the benefits of a properly planned trip, especially if it is a tent camping trip. Proper precautions ensure that you don’t face unprecedented situations and that you are well prepared for any circumstance. It allows you the freedom to relish the beauty of nature while camping with your family or friends and frees your mind from being cluttered with logistical thoughts. 

We hope that you now have all the required know-how to make tent camping comfortable – the tools you need to carry along, the little things that are of pivotal importance, and so on. Happy camping!

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