How Many Watts Does an Electric Blanket Use? 100 to 150 Wh!

Winter is here, and there’s nothing quite like snuggling under a warm electric blanket to beat the chill while tent camping. 

While traditional heating solutions like propane heaters or electric heaters can be cumbersome and energy-intensive, the modern marvel of electric blankets offers a cozy, efficient alternative.

But have you ever paused to think, “How many watts does my electric blanket use?” 

In this easy-to-follow guide, we are diving into the world of electric blankets, especially the handy 12V heated blankets perfect for outdoor adventures or road trips. We’ll explore how these blankets can keep you warm without guzzling energy or making a racket like old-school heaters.

Curious about whether these electric blankets are a smart choice for you? We’re here to break it down. 

Electric Blanket Power Usage: A Surprisingly Low Wattage

What is a 12V Heated Blanket?

A 12V Heated Blanket is a portable, cordless blanket that provides warmth using a 12V rechargeable power source. It’s a versatile gadget that can be powered by various sources, including DC output power supplies and car cigarette lighters. This innovation means you’re no longer tied to wall sockets for a cozy experience.

How Does a 12V Heated Blanket Work?

These blankets work by converting electrical energy into heat through a DC interface cable. They contain specialized heating elements or wires, evenly integrated within the blanket, ensuring consistent warmth. Once connected to a power source, they quickly warm up, offering temperatures up to 149 degrees Fahrenheit – perfect for relaxation or sleep.

Now, wondering how much power your comfy electric blanket uses? 

Most electric blankets consume about 100 to 150 watts of power. In comparison to other household appliances, this is a pretty modest amount.

Typically, these 12 V blankets consume between 35 and 60 watts, depending on the size and settings. To calculate the wattage used, you can use the formula: (Wattage ≈ Power Bank Capacity / Usage Duration) × Power Bank Output. 

So, if you’re watching your energy usage, an electric blanket won’t make much of a dent in your electricity bill. Just remember to stick to the manufacturer’s guidelines for safe and efficient usage.

The total power used daily depends on how long you use the blanket. For example, using it for 6 hours a day at 150 watts results in 0.9 kWh of energy consumption.

To save more on electricity and for added convenience, consider using a portable power station, such as Jackery. These can power your electric blanket and other devices, providing an eco-friendly and cost-effective alternative.

Understanding Your Electric Blanket’s Power Needs

It’s all about the watts. And knowing how much power your blanket uses can help you manage your bills better. We have done some homework for you on popular electric blankets and compiled a table to show their energy usage:

  • Sunbeam Microplush Heated Blanket: 120W for 6 hours, totaling 720 Wh daily.
  • Biddeford MicroPlush Heated Blanket: 100W for 8 hours, totaling 800 Wh daily.
  • Beautyrest Heated Ribbed Microfleece Blanket: 180W for 4 hours, totaling 720 Wh daily.
  • Pure Warmth Comfort Knit Heated Blanket: 130W for 6 hours, totaling 780 Wh daily.
  • Another Pure Warmth Model: 150W for 5 hours, totaling 750 Wh daily.

Recommendation: For those looking for a specific recommendation, the Zonli Home Z-Walk Pro is a fantastic choice. It offers long heating times, with a 20000mAh battery providing up to 8 hours of warmth at 104℉.

Adjusting the Heat, Adjusting the Watts

Your electric blanket’s settings play a big role in its power use. They have various settings for warmth, and each setting affects power consumption: Here’s a quick look:

  • Preheating: Hits around 150 – 200W.
  • Low Heat: A modest 50 – 100W.
  • Medium Heat: Bumps up to 100 – 150W.
  • High Heat: Peaks at 150 – 200W.
  • Timer/Off: Zero power use here.

Calculating the Cost of Coziness

Seasonal Wattage Needs

Your blanket’s wattage changes with the seasons:

  • Summer Nights: A low 50-100 watts.
  • Spring/Autumn: Medium settings, about 100-150 watts.
  • Winter: Crank it up to 150-200 watts for extra warmth.
  • Deep Winter: Might even exceed 200 watts.

Calculating the Cost of Coziness

The cost depends on wattage, usage duration, and local electricity rates. Want to figure out how much it costs to run your electric blanket? Here’s a simple way:

Daily Cost: 

Multiply the wattage by how many hours you use it, divide by 1000, and multiply by your electricity rate.

Example: Using a 150W blanket for 6 hours at an electricity rate of 15 cents/kWh? That’s about 13.5 cents per day.

Monthly and Yearly Costs: 

Multiply the daily cost by days per month and by 12 for the annual cost.
Example: $0.135 × 30 days = $4.05 monthly, and $4.05 × 12 = $48.60 annually.

Note: These are just estimates. Using a timer or lower settings can further reduce costs.

This brings us to a crucial question: What size power station do you need to keep your electric blanket running when you’re far from the nearest outlet?

Off-Grid Power: Jackery Power Stations

Solar power stations, like those in the Jackery Explorer series, are perfect companions for off-grid adventures. They’re safe, clean, and harness the power of the sun – a stark contrast to the noisy, smoke-belching traditional generators. 

But to choose the right one for your electric blanket, you need to consider power capacity.

They come in different sizes (240W, 300W, 500W) and are perfect for powering up your blanket and more, sustainably.

How Long Will These Power Stations Last?

To understand how long a power station will last with an electric blanket, we use the formula: Working time = Capacity Wh * 0.85 / operating wattage of your device. The 0.85 accounts for energy loss during use. Let’s break it down:

  • Jackery Explorer 240: Powers an electric blanket (100W – 150W) for about 1.6 – 2.4 hours.
  • Jackery Explorer 300: Offers about 1.66 – 2.49 hours for the same wattage range.
  • Jackery Explorer 500: Can keep your blanket running for 2.93 – 4.39 hours

Charging a Battery-Operated Blanket with a Solar Panel

Yes, you can charge a battery-operated blanket using a solar panel, but there are a few key considerations to ensure it works effectively:

  • Compatible Solar Panel: Ensure the solar panel you use is compatible with the battery’s charging specifications. The solar panel should have the right voltage and current output to match the battery’s requirements.
  • Power Requirements: Check the power requirements of the blanket’s battery. A solar panel with a higher wattage will charge the battery faster. For instance, a 50W solar panel will charge faster than a 20W panel.
  • Charge Controller: It’s advisable to use a solar charge controller. This device regulates the voltage and current coming from the solar panels going to the battery, preventing overcharging and damage.
  • Charging Time: Solar charging can be slower than traditional charging methods, especially on cloudy or overcast days. It’s important to factor in sufficient charging time.
  • Direct Sunlight: Place the solar panel in an area where it can receive direct sunlight for the most efficient charging.

How to Wash a Battery-Powered Heating Blanket?

FAQs: Wattage Usage of 12V Heated Blankets

How long will a 12-volt battery run an electric blanket?

Typically, a 20000mAh battery can run a 12V heated blanket for up to 8 hours at 104℉.

How much power does a 12V electric blanket use?

A 12V electric blanket usually requires 3 amps of current, translating to about 35-60 watts – much less than the 200-400 watts used by regular electric blankets. This makes them more energy-efficient and cost-effective.

Can you plug a 12V heated blanket into a car?

Yes, these blankets are designed to be compatible with car cigarette lighters, often featuring a cord long enough for comfortable use in a vehicle.

Are 12V portable heated blankets safe for pets?

They can be used safely around pets for short periods under supervision. However, be cautious as pets might chew on them, risking damage to the heating elements.

Are 12V portable heated blankets safe for pets.

Wrapping Up

Heated blankets are a modern solution for those seeking warmth and comfort off-grid. Whether you’re camping, on a road trip, or just need an extra layer of warmth at home, these blankets offer an efficient, portable, and safe way to stay cozy.

Also, understanding the wattage of your electric blanket is key to managing energy costs and enjoying its warmth sustainably. With options like Jackery portable power stations, you can extend this cozy experience even off the grid.

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