Best Tents for Camping in Colorado

When you want to escape city life, or even just your everyday life, then look no further than the beautiful state of Colorado. This amazing state has just about every type of terrain imaginable, and you have a wide range of places to go where you can enjoy both the scenery and nearby activities.

From the tall mountains of the Western Slope all the way down to the eastern plains, you are bound to find the perfect camping areas here. But you will need to come prepared with the right tent in order to make the trip even more enjoyable. There are plenty of different types of tents to choose from, and each person will have different needs!

Choosing the Right Tent for Camping in the Beautiful State of Colorado

Your tent is one of the most important pieces of gear that you can have on any camping trip. A tent will protect you from the elements and is your home away from home. Your tent is in charge of protecting you and your gear, as well as providing a comfortable place to sleep. But before you just go and buy a tent, you must first take a look at your wants and needs in order to choose the right one.

For example, one of the first things you should consider is how many people you plan on having sleep inside the tent. Are you going to be going alone or with other members of your family? Will you leave backpacks and other gear inside the tent or outside? Answering these questions will help you get an idea of how large of a tent you will need.

Another thing to consider is the weather that you might encounter. Colorado is a beautiful place, but it can sometimes have very unpredictable weather conditions. Some tents can stand up to things like rain, snow, and wind better than others, and it is important to think about the type of weather you could encounter in the terrain and elevations you plan to camp in. You will find tents that excel in rain and snow, while others are made for more pleasant conditions. Other tents will do a better job at holding heat and bucking the wind, while others are designed to allow the breeze to flow through.

So after thinking about these things, what is a good all-around tent for somebody who is planning a trip to the Colorado mountains? Let’s take a look at a few options that are sure to be what you are looking for!

Best Camping Tents for Colorado


There are a few different tents that come to mind when thinking about those that are spacious enough for multiple people and can withstand the harsh elements that Colorado can throw at you. The first is the Coleman Octagon 98. This tent can comfortably sleep five people, be a luxurious stay for four people, and can sleep six people with a tighter fit. It has two doors and is tall enough to stand in, making it the perfect choice for families who want enough space for their trip.

If you are looking for something a little more lightweight but still plenty roomy, you may want to check out the MARMOT Limelight 4P" target="_blank" rel="noopener">Marmot Limelight 4P tent. This tent gives you a little more versatility for hiking and camping but is not quite as tall or spacious as a dedicated car camping tent. While smaller than the Coleman Octagon, it is still very roomy for a tent and will sleep four people. The Limelight comes with a footprint and two vestibules to keep your gear dry and safe.

Camp With Style - Camping in Colorrado Tent in State Park

These two tents are wonderful options, but there are plenty of others out there as well. The perfect tent will all depend on your own personal needs and wants, as well as your budget. Whatever tent that you end up purchasing, just be sure you get one that will be big enough and be able to stand up to the Colorado elements!

Helpful Colorado Camping Tips

Once you have your tent picked out and a location selected, you are almost ready to get out and enjoy the beautiful Colorado scenery! Here are a few tips to help you have an even better experience when you go:

Practice Setting Up the Tent at Home

Even if you have set up tents before, everyone is different. From different designs to unique parts, it is always a good idea to try setting up a new tent at home before a major trip. Not only will this help you get the hang of the setup, but it will also help you speed up the process of setting up the tent so that you don’t waste precious camping time.

Find a Good Flat Place to Set Up

Even the best tent will not be very comfortable if you set it up on a slope or uneven ground. Before ever beginning to set up, try to find a good flat location for the tent. Clear the spot of any rocks, sticks, or pine cones as well.

Waterproof the Tent

While most tents will do great in the rain and snow, you will want to waterproof your tent before heading out. This is very easy to do, and all it takes is a can of silicone sealant. Spray the tent from the top to bottom, and don’t forget around the zippers. Once you cover the whole thing, you are good to go!

For more helpful camping hints, please check out our Camping 101 page!

Final Words

Colorado is a magical place and should be on anyone’s camping bucket list. Bringing along the right tent can make or break your trip, however, and great care should be taken to select the perfect one. Once you find it you will never look back!

Disclaimer: Links in this article may contain links to Amazon.  A percentage of every purchase made through Amazon will be donated to state wildlife conservations.

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